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Masik Ganesh Chaturthi Puja

Masik Ganesh Chaturthi is a holy festival which comes every month. Ganesh Chaturthi is an auspicious day and this day is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Devotees keep fast on Masik Ganesh Chaturthi to worship Lord Ganesha as he is the God of prosperity, wisdom and good fortune. It is believed that Lord Vinayak was born during the Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada. This Chaturthi is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi.

In Hindu calendar, there are two Ganesh Chaturthi Tithis in each Lunar month. Today we are providing you the dates of Masik Ganesh Chaturthi

Goddess Lakshmi Puja

Goddess Lakshmi is Vishnu’s wife. She is the goddess of riches, luxury, and beauty.In Hindu mythology, no puja rite is complete without worshipping Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi. It is common to pray to Lord Ganeshand Goddess Lakshmifor success and prosperity.

Diwali, the most important Hindu festival, is incomplete without worshipping Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi.Book Lakshmi Puja Online now with Kanha puja.

Griha Pravesh Puja

A ‘Griha Pravesh Puja’ (house warming) ceremony is an auspicious moment, when a home buyer enters his/her property for the first time, after getting its possession. There is a common belief that there should be no bad omens during the griha pravesh and hence, people take precautions like scheduling the ceremony during a ‘shubh muhurat’ and performing rituals like a puja, havan, etc., with the help of a pandit. Given below are five important points that home buyers can follow, for a flawless griha pravesh.


Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Japa and Yajna

Maha Mritunjay means the victory over the most difficult situation of life like dead. Maha Mritunjay Puja symbolize the Lord Shiva the “Maha Deva”.

Shiva is the god of “giver”, if you appease Lord Shiva then you will get the divine grace from him and you will win all your obstacles of life.

Maha Mritunjaya Puja is known as for to victory over critical conditions of life like health issues, accidents, imprisonments, entangled in bad relationship where you are feeling suffocated or unable to find relief.

Navdurga Puja

It is the most important Hindu holiday, Navaratri, which means ‘nine nights,’ and is dedicated to Goddess Durga, who symbolises purity and might. Throughout the year, there are four separate festivals to attend. This includes Magh Navaratri (also known as Gupt Navaratri), Chaitra / Vasant Navaratri (also known as Ram Navaratri), and Ashad / Maha Navaratri.

It is customary to worship the nine forms of Goddess Maa Durga during the Navaratri festival: Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanty, Kushmandy, Skandy Mata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Maha Gauri, Sidhi Devi.

Maha Shivratri Maha Puja

Shivratri is one of the most important days to worship Lord Shiva. In Maagha or Phalguna, it is celebrated on the 14th night (usually in February or March). The “Great Night of Shiva” draws big audiences and several events are planned.
Maha Shivratri Puja Benefits:

It aids in all aspects of life.
Resolves all career, job, business, and relationship issues
Get Lord Shiva’s blessings
It offers Peace, Harmony, Health, and Wealth.

Santan Gopalam Puja

Santan Gopal refers to the child form of the divine Lord Krishna. Children are considered to be the form of the divine lord himself and bring immense happiness and positive energy in everyone’s lives. Children are an essential bliss for a family. Nobody wants to miss on the beautiful experience of parenthood. When a native is devoid of progeny, life is incomplete for him or her.

For problems related to Progeny “Santan Gopalam Puja” is considered to be a boon. This puja is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Navgraha Puja

Our life is greatly influenced by the placement of nine planets in the natal chart. Everything in a person’s life is determined by the position of these nine planets. The Navgraha word is an amalgamation of two words – Nav which means nine and Graha which stands for planets.

The Navgraha Puja is performed to remove the negative effects of the malefic planets and appease them to so that one’s life can be free of hurdles and hardships.

Grah Shanti Puja

The good or bad times in a person’s life are attributed to the placement of planets. Well aligned planets are the reason for fortunate events in one’s life and misaligned planets are responsible for unfortunate events.

This Puja removes the negative effects of malefic planets.
Removes all hurdles and problems associated with misalignment of the planets.

It greatly enhances the positive effects of well aligned planets.
This Puja helps to give one a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.

Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja

Mangal Dosh is also known as Manglik Dosh or Kuja Dosh. Mangal Dosh is associated with the planet Mars. If Mars is placed in the 1st,4th,7th,8th or 12th house in the natives birth chart it is called Mangal or Manglik Dosha, as Mars is considered malefic if placed in any of the mentioned houses.

This Puja nullifies all problems that may arise due to Mangal Dosha.* Mangal Dosha Nivaran Puja will resolve the problem of delay in marriage completely.

Shradh Puja

The Pitru Paksha is called Shradh. Pitru Paksha starts from the full moon of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada. According to Hindu religion, when the Sun enters Virgo, the ancestors come down from the afterlife to see their sons and grandsons on earth for some time. In Pitru Paksha, a tarpan is performed in the name of the ancestors for the peace of their souls. If your father is happy with you, then no power in the world can harm you and if he gets angry with you, then the whole family is destroyed.

Havan / Yagna

Havan is a Yagya ritual. Our bodies are made up of earth, water, fire, and air. Fire is a sign of purity in this rite. They began to worship fire in the Vedic era. The goods offered to the deities in the havan are thought to reach them when burned.

Maha Ganapati Havan is a mighty Havan as per Vedic literature. That promotes a healthy, affluent, and prosperous life. Maha Ganapati Havan is a Ganesha worship rite. Every task begins with a Ganesha worship. Lord Ganesha is the god of knowledge (knowledge) (prosperity-success). Worshiping Lord Ganesha removes all obstacles from one’s life. Every Chaturthi on Surya Sankrant or any auspicious day, Ganpati Havan is celebrated.

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